Born and raised in Amsterdam, since early 2020 I now live in Seoul, Korea. I started this website to document and share bits of the life as I experience it. A lover of slow travel, long-form reading, and human interest, I go through life either holding a camera, a book, or a pen, with walking or running shoes never far out of sight. In a world that seems to go faster by the minute, where the online outruns the offline, I foolhardily try to tread the old paths. Call me an old soul if you will.

On this website you can find some of the pictures I took along the way. I’ll write about the occasional mind-wanderings, about the things I noticed on a walk through Seoul, or about anything else (irrelevant) that caught my eye recently.

All opinions and jokes expressed here are my own. So are all the images and stories. They can be shared with relevant credits, and in case of commercial use, please reach out for consent first. This applies especially to the jokes.

Other than that, please reach out in case you have questions, comments, or you just want to connect and talk. I’d love for this website to be a platform where I can meet others, hear a story or two, get the latest book recommendation, or tell you something about Seoul you didn’t know yet. And lastly, any help in my search for the best ever lemon ice cream is always welcome!


Photo credit: Thomas Vikre